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Lichen Sclerosis (lichen sclerosus) is an autoimmune condition that affects the genital area and other skin areas. It creates inflammation, lesions, cuts, white patches and fusing of the skin. It is often accompanied by intense itching. 


Conventional medicine offers little help for this condition as it is somewhat rare and little studied. Usually only a steroid topical ointment is offered for relief.


People with lichen sclerosis often have a dry constitution—dry skin, constipation issues and an overall tendency toward dry conditions.


This tincture was developed specially to help with inflammation and dryness. It is for internal use.


We have also developed several salves/balms to help this condition.


The herbs in this tincture are ashwaganda, horsetail, hawthorn, angelica sinensis and licorice. All of these herbs are organic and grown in my garden, wildcrafted, or bought from reputable sources.


These herbs are safe, however, caution is always advised as each person’s body can react differently to herbs or a set of herbs. This is the reason that we recommend you use the tincture for a two week period to see how your body reacts. Take a break and then continue again. Licorice root may affect blood pressure, so if you have blood pressure issues, please monitor it carefully. Short term use should not be a problem, but we recommend that you always consult with a health care professional for medical advice.


Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. 


IT TAKES PATIENCE to see results especially with autoimmune skin issues. There are many layers to our skin and getting down to healthy skin takes time. It also takes significant time to reverse conditions that have taken years to build.


Dosage:  60-90 (2-3 ml) drops in a small amount of water or juice  2-3 times/day. Take for 10-15 days and then take a break.

Lichen Sclerosis Tincture for Internal Relief